RadiciGroup and dorix® GmbH

 dorix GmbHIn 2011 RadiciGroup acquired the German dorix GmbH (formerly Selbitzer Chemiefaser GmbH, founded in 1896 under the name of Heinrich Reinhold GmbH & Co. KG), based in Selbitz – Hochfranken, Bavaria. dorix GmbH is the European leader in the production of PA6 staple (dorix®) and PP staple products (reilen).

RadiciGroup strengthens its nylon vertical integration As a result of the acquisition of dorix GmbH in Selbitz – Hochfranken, Bavaria, RadiciGroup has enhanced its range of PA6 acrylic staple fibre and staple yarn products.

RadiciGroup now offers a wider variety of counts. Higher counts (up to 300 dtex) have been added to the very fine counts already produced at Radici Yarn. Moreover, the Group has greater production flexibility for both its raw and solution-dyed products. dorix GmbH’s extensive experience in custom colour formulation enables us to meet any special requirements of our customers.

RadiciGroup’s strategy is based on production self-sufficiency achieved through vertical integration: from chemicals, to fibres, textiles and engineering plastics. To learn more about the RadiciGroup production chain, please visit the corporate strategy page