Polyester thermoplastic engineering polymers (PBT) for injection moulding

The Raditer® range includes PBT polyester engineering polymers for injection moulding of parts for the automotive, electrical/electronics, and industrial and consumer goods industries.


Versatile polyester engineering polymers with a broad spectrum of uses

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is a semi-crystalline polyester with an excellent combination of technical properties, well suited to a wide variety of applications. PBT engineering polymers can be used for the manufacture of components for diverse sectors, from automotive to electrical/electronics, technical/industrial and consumer goods.

Raditer® PBT engineering polymer characteristics

Raditer® engineering polymers feature high stiffness and mechanical resistance, good resistance to high temperatures and UV radiation, high hardness and wear resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties and very low moisture absorption.

Compared to polyamides, PBT engineering polymers have similar mechanical properties in the dry state with a greater specific weight and lower melting point than PA6.6, greater dimensional stability thanks to negligible sensitivity to humidity changes, and lower impact strength, particularly with respect to conditioned polyamides. 

Raditer® products are available in a number of grades: unreinforced, impact modified, reinforced with glass fibre and mineral fillers, special formulations designed to fulfil specific requirements, and PBT/ASA blends to enhance appearance and dimensional stability.

Also available are specialties specifically formulated to enhance hydrolysis resistance in critical applications, such as sensor housings for automotive electronics.

Raditer® PBT engineering polymer processing

Raditer® engineering polymers are typically processed by injection moulding and are known for their good moulding processability. A pre-drying system before the moulding process is needed for optimal processing, and special care must be taken to avoid moisture absorption before moulding occurs.


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