RadiciGroup has a great interest in art, which is manifested in its support of both traditional works of art and contemporary art.

The Group's involvement in this field is wide-ranging: it supports artworks linked to local traditions, promotes exhibitions, purchases works of art, and also encourages the creation of new works by young artists. The support of new talent has involved many young artists who have been invited to visit RadiciGroup's factories and offices, and create site-specific works for these places. This is in line with the Group's firm belief that contemporary art has a place in our daily lives thanks to its social values and its power to communicate with individuals.
Calendario 2016WHAT NYLON MEANS (2017)
The moon and the factories

A trip with images and words on planets Fil and Yarn of the Radici galaxy celebrating 50 and 40 years of terrestrial activity. This is not the usual company yearbook no highfalutin sentences or glossy pictures here,what you get instead are fragments, relics of inner dialog, broken sentences and partial, transitive, crude...

Calendario 2016RADICIGROUP CALENDAR (2017)
99 roots + 1 soul

The spirit of Gianni Radici: we do not remember him, he remembers us - with figures in hand - who we are, who we were and who we intend to be.

Like nonwoven fabric (2016) by Leone Belotti
The roots of the industrial character
It was the late summer of 1959. I had just turned 14. It was the first time I entered the Tessiture Pietro Radici building. I had never seen so many looms. I watched them in awe. “Would you like to fix them?” I thought he was the plant manager, however, as I discovered later, the one who spoke to me was Mr. Gianni Radici in person. At that time I must have answered something like, “I’d like to, but I wouldn’t know where to start”. He said, “To impareret!” [You will learn].
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Calendario 2016RADICIGROUP CALENDAR (2016)
Sustainability is our Great Beauty
Sustainability is, to RadiciGroup, the “Great Beauty”, RadiciGroup’s distinctive feature in its relationship with stakeholders, an important evaluation parameter in defining Group development and investment plans, and a competitiveness factor achieved through innovative high-performance products and efficient limited impact processes. RadiciGroup communication campaign “Sustainability is our Great Beauty” inspired the choice of famous artworks, personalized with the pictures of RadiciGroup products, that introduce different sections of RadiciGroup 2016 Calendar.

RadiciGroup's 2016 Calendar
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Calendario 2015RADICIGROUP CALENDAR (2015)
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
On 10 December 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration of Human Rights is an ethical code of fundamental historical significance: it is the first document to enshrine universally (that is, considering every historical period and every part of the world) individual, civil, political, economic, social and cultural human rights. RadiciGroup dedicates its 2015 calendar to this important Declaration.

RadiciGroup's 2015 Calendar
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Calendar 2014RADICIGROUP CALENDAR (2014)
Photo by Virgilio Fidanza, from the project: “mezzo - corpo - immagine”

RadiciGroup's 2014 Calendar
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Calendario 2013RADICIGROUP CALENDAR (2013)
Engineers Lisa and Ettore, RadiciGroup sustainability champions, are again protagonists. The two animated characters will visit the Group's companies and send us a postcard every month.

RadiciGroup's 2013 Calendar
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Calendario 2012RADICIGROUP CALENDAR (2012)
Engineers Lisa and Ettore are the RadiciGroup sustainability champions. The two animated characters will accompany us during the year 2012 in the new Calendar.

RadiciGroup's 2012 Calendar
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Calendario 2011RADICIGROUP CALENDAR (2011)
Drawings, spots of paint and travel notes collected in a paper notebook. RadiciGroup's 2011 calendar uses images from the Group's latest Sustainability Report. On the road for a twelve months journey of self-improvement.

RadiciGroup 2011 Calendar
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Calendario 2010RADICIGROUP CALENDAR (2010)
RadiciGroup is part of our daily life. From clothing to sport, from furnishings to automotive and from electrical/electronic to appliances sectors. Everyday products, now also in the new 2010 calendar.

RadiciGroup's 2010 Calendar
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GeoGreen CalendarGEOGREEN CALENDAR (2009)
A calendar is much more than a series of pages showing days, weeks and months. A calendar is a tool, but also a special occasion. Each one of us sees it in a different way, as a reflection of our needs, aspirations, expectations and hopes. RadiciGroup chooses to begin this coming year renewing its commitment to environmental sustainability issues.
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RadiciGroup believes that art can live in everyday life. It is within this vision that the Group's offices and factories are home to an impressive collection of contemporary works by artists of national and international fame, as well as emerging talents. Because art can give energy and value to industrial locations, these become places where everyone can feel comfortable and inspired.
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Octabins"OCTABINS" by Mariella Bettineschi (2007)
A glimpse into the factory. All the complexity of the work of art: space, time, rithym, light, people, shapes. Since 1992 RadiciGroup welcomes artistic events in industrial context.
Voyager"VOYAGER" by Mariella Bettineschi (2006)
Sideral space, spaceships, flying machines, Duchampian characters. These are the highly imaginative scenarios of an eclectic project: nomadic, intent on exploring the use of new technologies and new languages, a new dimension.
Untitled"UNTITLED" by Marco Mazzucconi - Exposure Architects Radici Partecipazioni - Gandino - Bergamo (2005)
RadiciGroup's latest art acquisition is an out-of-the-ordinary construction. A huge glass cabinet, solid yet ethereal, and as transparent as it is impermeable, protects and at the same time exposes its contents: the work of art.
A Journey“A JOURNEY” di Exposure Architects (2005)
Il prodotto di un’azienda come elemento distintivo, come dna dell’azienda stessa.
Ed è proprio il dna di un prodotto RadiciGroup, il FILO, ad essere rappresentato attraverso A Journey, opera d’arte realizzata espressamente in occasione dell’evento RadiciGroup “Yarn&Carpet”.
Niente arte senza tela"NIENTE ARTE SENZA TELA E NIENTE TELA SENZA FILATURA" by Ben Vautier (2004)
"No art without canvas and no canvas without fiber".  Paradox, irony, when life is art and art is life. This work of art created by the French artist is purchased by RadiciGroup in 2004 and is now placed in the Group's headquarters in Gandino, Bergamo (Italy).
Harmony"HARMONY" by Mariella Bettineschi (2004)
Oppositions and contrasts. Fusion of different attitudes in Harmony, the work of dancing art created by Mariella in occasion of the Spandex Polyamide Meeting, Toscaloosa, Alabama.
Let me danceFOR TESSITURE PIETRO RADICI "Let Me Dance" - V. Agostinelli
Tessiture Pietro Radici - Gandino - Bergamo (2000)

The space is "lived" by sculpture-bodies made of paper, placing themselvels on the windows, stairs, walls and huddling up in a silent existential dialogue. Sculptures with disproportionate, overturned, shapeless, cut down legs.
They show the will to get out of the difficulties of life and not to feel inadequate.
Stage EvidenceFOR TAIWAN "Stage Evidence" Loris Cecchini
Taipei Biennal 2000 - Taipei Fine Arts Museum - Taiwan (2000)

RadiciGroup shoes commitment to art promoting Italian talents and different forms of creativity, participating to worldwide exhibitions and international events in European, American and Asian countries.
RadiciGroup is pleased to sponsor this contemporary art journal. Ipso Facto deals with all art forms, from fine art to photography, theatre, cinematography, architecture, and design, and takes the line that art is a global cultural event. The journal publishes the writings of scholars and artists, as well as articles and poems that investigate the cultural and aesthetic dimension of the arts.
Saint Bernard from MentoneFOR HERITAGE "Saint Bernard from Mentone" Anonymous XVIII century
Nasolino Church - Bergamo (1996)

Having deep ties with our territory helps us to face the challenges of a changing world with greater tranquility and courage. This is one of the reasons why we support cultural projects such as this one, which are aimed at preserving local history and culture.
FOR JAPAN "Micro-Macro" Jae Eun Choi
The Venice Biennal Exhibition of Modern Art - Italy (1995)

Rien ne se crée,
rien ne se perd,
tout se trasforme
Carro CelesteFOR FINLAND "Carro Celeste" Mariella Bettineschi
Turku - Finland (1994)

My coloured boards
now have four wheels
Suddenly with joy
I sense they are finally liberated...
Radici Fil - Villa d'Ogna - Bergamo (1993)

The art critic Amnon Barzel selected ten artists to work within Textile Produkte, one of RadiciGroup's factories, in order to bring art into the workplace.
Several locations (since 1986)

RadiciGroup believes that the importance of the professional and cultural growth of the people that work within the Group, as well as the surroundings in which they work.
It is within this vision that RadiciGroup first entered into the realm of contemporary art.