Specialty polyamide engineering polymers with key distinctive characteristics: high mechanical properties, better property retention with moisture absorption and excellent surface appearance.

Radistrong® A products are polyamide engineering polymers typically reinforced with a high percentage of glass fibre to achieve maximum structural performance, together with high flowability and excellent surface appearance. The properties of the Radistrong® A product range, such as stiffness and mechanical resistance, are less affected by moisture absorption than the PA6 and PA6.6 polyamides.


Engineering polymers for metal replacement

Radistrong® A engineering polymers are suitable for exacting structural applications, typically as a replacement for die-cast light alloys (aluminium, zamak and magnesium), or, in cases where both structural performance and excellent surface appearance are essential.

Radistrong® A products for injection moulding

Radistrong® A materials can be processed with the standard injection moulding presses and tools used for the injection moulding of reinforced thermoplastics.


See the Radistrong® A long-fibre reinforced engineering polymer technical data sheets, or click here to view the other RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers products.
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