RadiciGroup is one of the most active Italian chemicals manufacturers at an international level.

RadiciGroup's diversified businesses operate worldwide and are focused on: Specialty Chemicals, High Performance Polymers, Advanced Textile Solutions.


Synergistic vertical integration, of polyamide production in particular, is one of RadiciGroup's strengths. Indeed, the Group has total control over its production chain, from chemical intermediates, such as adipic acid, to polyamides 6 and 6.6, engineering polymers and synthetic yarn.

Attention to customer requirements, ability to anticipate customer needs and readiness to deliver custom-tailored products. What’s more, constant focus on the efficiency and quality of production processes, products and services through the use of new technologies and innovative systems, always selected to ensure safety and environmental protection.


These are the keys to RadiciGroup’s success. RadiciGroup products are exported all over the world for use in the following sectors: apparel, sports, furnishings, automotive, electrical/electronics and household appliances.


RadiciGroup is part of a larger industrial group that also includes textile machinery and energy.