Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics and Whistleblowing

Transparent individual conduct that cultivates the reputation and reliability of RadiciGroup in every context. Compliance with the law. Caring for people and the environment. Attention to health and safety. Propriety in relations with all stakeholders. Safeguarding diversity, respect for the fundamental rights of all, valuing the specific qualities of each individual. 

The RadiciGroup Code of Ethics addresses all these areas. 



RadiciGroup makes a whistleblowing portal available to those (employees, customers, suppliers, commercial partners, consultants, collaborators) who wish, in good faith, to report irregular conduct or violations of the Code of Ethics, Organisational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and internal procedures adopted by the Group or external regulations in any case applicable to the group. 

Reports must be filed to safeguard the integrity of the Company and must be described in detail or founded on precise and congruous facts.