RadiciGroup has always shown particular interest in architectural design.

This interest has been borne out in the design and construction of many of its workplaces, which have been conceived of and carefully planned by architects with special attention to aesthetic and environmental aspects.
The building has been restored in the late '80s. The space geometry develops around the central heart of the structure: a glassed transparent cupola open to the sky. Inside the building, naked spaces and neutral walls enhance the works of contemporary art that find place all around and live together with the working people. The artists are world famous, but also locals and emergent talents. In the garden behind the building there is an Office Lounge: the Greentainer - a modular, non invasive, completely eco-friendly structure, open to and integrated with its natural context.
Exposure Architects

As its name reveals, Greentainer is a "green" container: an aesthetically pleasing, non invasive, modular micro-locale, melding architecture and technology; a permanent space dedicated to environmental awareness. This "green" container is a vessel – suitable for multiple uses and destinations – a completely glassed-in structure, open to and integrated with its context. The environmental impact is extremely low to confirm, once again, RadiciGroup's commitment to eco-sustainability, through the use of alternative energy sources and the reduction of polluting emissions.
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RADICIFILRADICIFIL (Villa d'Ogna, Bergamo - IT) Giandomenico Belotti
The worldwide known architect Giandomenico Belotti developed the building in 1984. A very "unnatural"  insertion in a natural surrounding context, symbolizing the fast and dramatic transformation of reality around us. This building is realized with visible blocks of concrete with a naturalistic design that recalls the shape of the surrounding panorama characterised by sharp valley rocks. The modern impression is mostly given by the geometry of the space division and by the central position of an essentially shaped stairway. The stairs are in the centre of the building and become the ideal pivot of the entire structure.
Tessiture Pietro Radici Tessiture Pietro Radici  (Gandino, BG - IT) 
Luigi Brembilla

The building today is an active production site and also welcomes part of the offices of Radici Partecipazioni SpA. RadiciGroup has chosen to replace its headquarters in the original cultural and local context to confirm, once again, the commitment of the company – today a worldwide multinational reality - to the values and traditions of its territory. Works of contemporary art are installed inside the building to transform an industrial structure in a place where everyone can always feel comfortable and inspired.