Advanced Filtering Solutions

Radimelt® meltblown nonwovens are high performance fabrics made of ultra-fine synthetic continuous filaments with diameters in the submicron range (0.5-10 µm). They provide excellent filtration efficiency while minimizing airflow resistance, ensuring high breathability and protection in accordance with the highest standards.

In addition, they cater for a wide range of filtration applications, from face masks - surgical, FFP2 and FFP3 -  to other air and liquid filter applications.

Bonded nonwoven composites can be produced to suit a number of application specifications.


Excellent technology, great features

Our line is extremely sophisticated and technologically advanced. It has a high production capacity and can also realize products with special technical characteristics, not only made of polypropylene, but also other polymers, such as polyester, polyamide TPU and sustainable polymers.

Our state of the art technology from Oerlikon features:


  • Wide range of polymers
  • Double Beam System
  • Forming Table
  • In-line calendaring
  • Electro-charging unit
  • Composite structure


Wide range os spun and melt combinations


Wide range os spun and melt combinations




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