Polyester yarn obtained from post-consumer recycled PET bottles

Repetable® respects the environment, especially in raw and dope dyed versions.

It boasts versatility of production and a wide product range as for dope dyed both in the bacteriostatic and UV stabilized versions.

Recycling at the highest level

Repetable® is a wide range of sustainable, versatile and high-performance polyester fibres offering multiple possibilities as for additives, dyeings and applications. In addition, production for reduced quantities, and handling of personalised requests in terms of yarn counts, filaments and technical characteristics are also guaranteed.


We make it endless



Interested in co-branding with Repetable®?

The advantages of this co-branding:

  • It unlashes creativity
  • It matches the best features of your products with Repetable®'s
  • It is a concrete example of sustainability for the market.
The Repetable® applications go on and on

Repetable® is the ideal solution for all those sectors where creativity and high performance are required. It has endless applications in:



Fashion apparel Hotel and offices Airplanes Furniture
Sportswearl Cruise ships Automotive Outdoor