Renycle is RadiciGroup’s answer to maximizing technical and environmental performance

The new Group brand is featured in a webinar on UL Prospector: reducing and measuring the environmental impact of engineering polymers


RadiciGroup has announced a webinar on achieving real sustainability in the world of compounding, this coming Wednesday, 1 December, on the UL Prospector platform. Following the launch of the Renycle family of reduced environmental impact engineering polymers at the Fakuma trade fair, RadiciGroup is presenting its new line of products, all obtained from pre- and/or post-consumer recycled materials, for customers who especially value sustainability.

During the webinar, RadiciGroup experts will illustrate and compare the performance of virgin, post-industrial (PIR) and post-consumer (PCR) grade materials, with special attention to the methods adopted for assessing environmental impact. The key elements of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis will be discussed, such as defining the conditions, collecting  inputs and outputs, and data processing.

Featured speakers for RadiciGroup at this event will be Riccardo Galeazzi, post-consumer product manager of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers, and Susanna Caprotti, environmental product declaration (EPD) process manager of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers.


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