RadiciGroup, sustainable investments in Brazil

At Feiplastic, focus on reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment


Radici Plastics Ltda - Brazil, a RadiciGroup company and leader in the South American engineering polymers market, is participating in the Feiplastic trade show (Stand L42), taking place at Expo Center Norte, São Paulo, Brazil, from 22 to 26 April. The main goal of the company is to draw attention to the high quality of its products and the sustainability of its business.


In the 2017-2018 period, the Brazilian firm allocated a portion of its total investments, amounting to about R$ 13 million, to the improvement of the performance of its systems, processes and safety. Good results can already be seen in productivity – with an increase of 45% in installed capacity – sustainability and safety. Due to progress made in its water supply system, the installation of LED lighting in its factory and the start-up of more efficient production lines, Radici Plastics Brazil had already achieved a significant decrease in electric power and water consumption.


“Continuous improvement is the strategy that we’ve adopted, in line with the policy of the Group as whole and our High Performance Polymers Business Area,” said Jane Campos, country manager of Radici Plastics Ltda. “To us, growth in numbers is important, but we must fully safeguard the environment and people, so as to be truly sustainable.”


Taking another step towards sustainability, at the beginning of 2019, Radici Plastics Brazil became a partner of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), an international programme supported by industry associations all over the world, designed to prevent plastic pellet and powder loss into the environment. The special focus is on materials handling and transport operations, from the arrival of raw materials at the production plant to the departure of semi-finished products to be delivered to customers.


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