RadiciGroup products for Metal Replacement

A webinar with Matmatch to present the Group's solutions

Replacing metals with high-performance polymers is a challenge that closely concerns many markets, expecially to reduce the environmental impact: from automotive to electrical/electronics, from water management to the industrial sector.

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers talks about this topic on Wednesday 16th June during a webinar hosted by its partner Matmatch, an online platform that helps designers and engineers search for the most suitable materials for their design needs.

Weight reduction, greater freedom in product design, contribution to CO2 emission reduction and, at the same time, high performance are the main factors to take into account when considering whether and how to replace a metal product with a polymeric one.

A useful tool for designers is CAE, computer aided engineering or, in other words, numerical simulation assisted by software. CAE aims to virtually reproduce both the material moulding process and the mechanical, thermal or other kind of solicitations that the part will be subjected to under use conditions.
Everything possible is done to predict the behaviour of the materials, right from the very early stages of product development. The goal is to optimize the design also take into account eco-design and environmental performance.

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