RadiciGroup, a new video to illustrate its corporate values

Teamwork, engagement with local communities, a look to the future: Group employees and Atalanta players in the spotlight


A little over a minute to portray the values of an entire lifetime. On the occasion of Saint Valentine's Day, RadiciGroup is releasing a new corporate video with the collaboration and participation of Bergamo’s Atalanta football club: a visual narrative of the emotional parallels between the everyday operations at the Group sites and the typical activities of a football team.


We have always been convinced, and in the past year even more so,” Maurizio Radici, vice president of RadiciGroup, emphasized, “that people are the wealth of a company, and their ability to get involved and work in a team, particularly during difficult times, is essential for any kind of activity to succeed.”


Hence, the idea of the video, an Oki Doki Film production realized under the creative direction of Riccardo Ciunci of the George agency, with the participation of the Nerazzurri team players.


At RadiciGroup, we have always loved the Atalanta club,” Mr. Radici continued. “Our partnership is based on strongly shared values and community engagement. That's why we chose Valentine's Day to launch our video and briefly explain who we are and who our heart beats for.”


The relationship between RadiciGroup and Atalanta – established during the 2017-2018 season of the Europa League and the Coppa Italia tournaments, when the Group was the main sponsor – has gone on to assume an even greater symbolic value this year. Indeed, RadiciGroup is the Atalanta heart sponsor, evidence of the Group’s closeness to its local communities and their passions.


To illustrate its corporate values, RadiciGroup has chosen people who work "in the field" every day. In the video, employees of the Group’s Italian companies are shown in clips shot at various company sites operating in the chemicals, fibres and engineering polymers sectors (footage taken before the pandemic).


The Atalanta players appearing in the video are: Mattia Caldara, Robin Gosens, Marten de Roon and Marco Sportiello.


“Teamwork is essential in any setting,” Luca Percassi, managing director of Atalanta B.C., said. “Sharing and comparing allow us not only to find the best solutions but also to grow. And to achieve unhoped-for goals. Our partnership with RadiciGroup represents teamwork between two brand names that share the same values and care deeply about our communities. And it is not by chance that RadiciGroup is our ‘heart sponsor’.”         


Click here to watch the video (available from 00:00 of Sunday 14th)