New EPD-certified engineering plastics in the RadiciGroup portfolio

Customers are offered new products optimizing the technical performance to environmental impact ratio

A new product in RadiciGroup’s Heramid® range, Heramid A NER MP /1K, is the latest entry in the list of Group products with a registered Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). 

Heramid® is the trade name for RadiciGroup’s post-industrial PA6- and PA66-based products manufactured using secondary raw materials and developed for injection moulding and extrusion applications in the industrial, electrical/electronics and automotive sectors. Heramid products are mostly made from secondary raw materials obtained from sorted industrial waste and scrap produced by RadiciGroup polymerization and compounding plants. Thus, Heramid engineering plastics optimize the technical performance to environmental impact ratio

Accompanying the previously certified EPD for Heramid GF 030 1K (EPD No. S-P-00707), the new EPD for Heramid A NER MP /1K completes the environmental impact mapping of the RadiciGroup scrap recovery and compounding processes for typical polymer waste: scraps from polymerization, extrusion and spinning.  

RadiciGroup Performance Plastics’ production activities are part of the vertically integrated RadiciGroup production chain, which also includes the Specialty Chemicals Business Area – specializing in chemical raw materials and the production of PA 66 polymer – and the Performance Yarn and Comfort Fibres Business Areas, focusing on the production of PA 6 polymer and a variety of yarn types. The “virgin” PA 6 and PA 66 polymers are used for the manufacture of the Radilon® product range, while the scraps from the polymerization, spinning and compounding processes are used for the products in the Heramid® range.