CarE-Service, a new video shows how RadiciGroup contributed to the EU project

Oki Doki Film’s production demonstrates RadiciGroup’s actions to achieve circularity


RadiciGroup presents its shareholders with a new video showcasing all RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers’ contributions to the CarE-Service project, which is part of the Horizon 2020 programme financed by the European Commission and has the objective of developing innovative circular economy models for the automotive industry. Through the images of the video made by Oki Doki Film, viewers can watch the various steps of recovering used polyamide car parts and transforming them – by means of a series of formulations and processes – into new polymer-based raw materials.

From project to production: the video shows – especially thanks to the voices of RadiciGroup technical staff who coordinated the various stages of the initiative – how engineering polymers can be manufactured from recycled materials and feature performance comparable to engineering polymers from virgin raw materials.

“The process is anything but simple,” noted Riccardo Galeazzi, CAE analyst, post-consumer product manager of RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers MKT and Tech Service, “but it is made possible by our over forty years’ of experience in recovering materials. Now, we are a leading global enterprise engaged in the manufacture of high-performance engineering polymers. However, originally, in the 1980s, our business area was set up for the very purpose of processing the scraps, coming from the Group’s polymerization and spinning lines, into new resources for compounding. Now, on top of pre-consumer recovery, we have added the post-consumer side of the business, which, in the case of CarE-Service, has been strengthened synergistically with the participation of other operators in our production chain, also through the coordination of the National Council of Research. Synergy is the keyword, because the circular economy cannot be achieved by acting alone”.

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