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LOOKING AT ADDED VALUE FROM A BROAD PERSPECTIVE, ensuring continuity and being inclusive of all stakeholders. This is how RadiciGroup brings to life its corporate values - putting people at the centre of everything it does, reliability, fairness and transparency - in its day-in and day-out operations. By following these guidelines, the Group ensures the QUALITY of its products, promotes occupational HEALTH and SAFETY, and carries on business with RESPECT AND CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. A long-term commitment to the pursuit of truly SUSTAINABLE SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT driven by INNOVATION AND RESEARCH is the foundation for the engineering and advancement of the Group's technology, processes and products.


Within the above framework, RadiciGroup pursues the objective of increasing cooperation and synergy among the functions of the Group Business Areas to build a path towards the OPTIMIZATION AND EXCELLENCE of each process through the CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT of activities, TRANSPARENCY in operations and communications, and QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE of products and services - all in close collaboration with stakeholders.


Diligent compliance with the laws and regulations on the environment, occupational health and safety, and prevention of harmful incidents potentially affecting products and production processes is the fundamental basis of every Group business activity. To this end, RadiciGroup companies have adopted QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL, ENERGY, HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, duly certified by recognized certification bodies and based on a set of well-defined procedures, understood at all organization levels.


In order to ensure the QUALITY of its products and services, the Group has numerous tools at its disposal that enable its companies to develop robust and reliable processes, meet the most exacting requirements and foster continual improvement. As regards the ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY, RadiciGroup is engaged in optimizing performance and working towards targets that can be seen and measured, by investing financial, human and technological resources to monitor and reduce environmental impact. At the same time, the Group is engaged in promoting commitment to the environment among its customers, suppliers and workers, in particular through activities aimed at getting all stakeholders involved. The Group's environmental agenda covers its entire production value chain, including the calculation of the environmental footprints of the main products and services and feasibility assessments of using ecodesign and circular economy principles, wherever possible.


RadiciGroup management is aware of the fact that worker health and safety is always a top priority and of central importance. Thus management ensures the application of the safety standards set out in the applicable laws and regulations, regularly verifies compliance with said standards and assesses their effectiveness, with the aim of improving accident prevention and reducing accident risk. Group management also promotes transparent and collaborative relationships with local authorities and communities, furthers the implementation of worker consulting mechanisms and encourages worker participation in corporate processes. Moreover, the Group invests sizeable resources in training workers to increase knowledge and raise awareness of how important the contribution of each single worker is in achieving the overall result.


Angelo Radici, President

Maurizio Radici, Vice President